Makers of the "Goat Whacker" Bodhran Tipper.
Works of art in beautiful hardwoods.

The Original Goat Whacker

The Goat Whacker design was developed over the past years by working with many players and instructors and is the length and shape prefered by our most experienced customers. Mark Stone plays an ebony Goat Whacker!!

Length: 8 3/4"
Grip Diameter: 5/16"(Thin) - 3/8"(Medium) - 7/16"(Thick)

Dimensions are approximate since each tipper is made by hand and our bodger's eyes aren't what they used to be.

  • IPE (strong, medium heavy density, very durable.) $17.00 Click size to buy it now.
  • Purpleheart (strong, medium heavy density, very durable. Purple color develops over time) $18.00 Click size to buy it now.
  • Cocobolo (Rich grain, beautiful colors, medium heavy density.) $22.00 Click size to buy it now.
  • Ebony (Simply the finest tipper wood available, medium heavy density.) $50.00 Click size to buy it now.
  • Instructor's Special (15 Goatwhackers!!, call or email us for details). $198.00

Any questions about our tippers?

What if I want a different kind of wood?
What if I want a custom tipper?
How to contact us

What if I want a different kind of wood?

The woods above are just a sample of the kinds of wood we have or can get on short order. We are listing these because they are popular with our customers and are very durable, stable woods. If you have a particular wood in mind or want to know if we have anything interesting on hand, just drop us a note and we'll be glad to help. We love to talk wood!!! (If you have a chunk of very special wood, we'd love to make a custom tipper for you out of it. Write for details.) (

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What if I want a custom tipper?

That's fairly simple. Just send us a sketch or very detailed description of the tipper you want and we'll let you know how long it'll take to get it to you and how much it will cost (see below for representative pricing.) ( We will also send you a Reference Number to use when you place your order. Then just place your order here for the tippers you want.

CUSTOM TIPPERS (You must have a reference number to order these!)

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